Amage Records was created back in the early 2000’s by some young kids from Harvey IL. Melvin Scott better known as Spacejam Melo is the CEO and first Artist of Amage Records. It all started in the basement of Melo’s childhood home where him, his older brother and his brothers friends started to create music on a karaoke machine. Melo was the only one that kept going and building his craft as an artist, he always repped the Amage brand that him and his brothers created out of the blue. Years down the line Melo would become the owner of that lable he repped since he was in elementary school. In 2018 Melo made his dream lable into a real one by going through all the steps to get the LLC for Amage Records and releasing music independently through the company.

The name Amage through wikipedia’s search came from a Sarmatian Queen. The wife and co-ruler of the Sarmatian king Medosacus from the coast of the Euxine Sea.
Amage observed that her husband was ” given up to luxury”, she took over the government, acting as a judge of causes, stationing garrisons, repulsing enemy invasions, and was such a successful leader that she became famous through all Scythia. The people of the Tauric Chersonesus, having been harassed by a neighboring Scythian king, requested a treaty with her. As a result of the formation of this treaty, she wrote to the Scythian prince, requesting that he cease harassing the people. When he replied contemptuously, she marched against him with 120 strong and seasoned warriors, and gave each warrior three horses. In one night and one day, she covered a distance of roughly 184.81 kilometers, and arrived at the palace, surprising the inhabitants and killing all the guards. As the prince was taken off guard, and perceived her force to be larger than it really was, she was able to charge and personally kill him, as well as his friends and relatives. Amage took over their land after that. She didnt kill the prince’s son though, she raised him to rule the kingdom on the condition that he would never invade nearby kingdoms ever.

Melo took this story plot and figured out how he could apply it to his life and what he wanted Amage to stand for as a lable. Women are the light to this earth and Melo was raise by a very strong mother whom had to take care of him and his siblings when Melo’s father was incarcerated when he was only 10 years old. Melo said that he would make this lable just as strong as his mother was when he was growning up. The brand will soon be more then just a lable it will be a brand name such as Walmart is. This company will branch off and build more companies and avenues for up and coming creators of all sorts. The element of surprise is the backbone of this lable, no one believed Melo would be able to run a successful business and to shock the world is Amage Records plan!
Amage as a lable has released three albums and many singles from Spacejam Melo. The future is looking very bright for this lable and brand, only time will reveal the greatest value of this brand to the world so sit back and enjoy the ride.