Artist Spacejam Melo born Melvin Scott from Melvin Scott Sr and Denise Scott. He was born at ingalls hospital in Harvey il where he was raised. Spacejam Melo always had a ear for music since a young kid. Melo started rapping other rappers verses that he memorized onto other instrumentals and from that he learned how to use different rhyme patterns. Melo recorded his first song in 5th grade and played it for his friends at school and from that day he never stopped.

In 2007 Melo went to a official recording studio and recorded a song he wrote riding to the studio and recorded it in 30 minutes. From that day he started performing at clubs, parties, churches, reunions, and any place that had open mic nights. Very confident in his music Melo never had a bunch of people with him at shows and still grabbed the audience with his performances and songs. Throughout his underground career he has worked with super producers Paris Beuller, Heaton trackz, Slitta, DJ T Rell, Castro, and many more. Melo has worked with many Artist through his journey such as Shawnna, Reese from 3 peice, cold hard from crucial conflict, Panamera P, Roye, Paris Beuller, J Sqruipt, Sinatris, lil keisha, Taylor Jalaine, Sly the Gentlemen and many more.

Melo has rocked small to big stages such as all clubs in the Chicago area to clubs in Memphis, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Indiana, Atlanta. Melo has performed at the harold Washington center, Joe’s on weed street, African music fest and plenty more venues. Melo co-directed all of his videos and even shot some of them on his own phone. He has had professional photo shoots and also shot is own photo shoots. Melo has edited his own photos, logos, promo graphics, and more! A real Jack of all trades it’s not much Melo cant do when it comes to his artistry. In 2015 Melo dropped his first ep called “King Pearlito” witch came from smoking and being able to roll anything. while fight drug charges he dropped
“King Pearlito” and a year later he dropped “Pearlitos Way” and “Melovember” with no label budget. Melo was fighting three drug cases and one gun case was on probation for two years, once he was off probation he said he would never put his self in those situations again. Melo started his own record lable in 2019